Joe Wardwell
Big JimiDimebagBill WardCock Rock IPaul Stanley IIOz in ConcertIommi II"Kurt Danielson""Kevin Rutmanis""Tom Araya""Ruyter Says""Nashville Pussy""Kurt Cobain II""Thurston""Kim Gordon""Joey""Deep Purple Drummer""Kurt Cobain I""Angus""Dave Mustaine""Mark Arm""Lemmy""Dale Crover""Iggy Pop I"Matt PikeKing BuzzBrian Johnson"Geddy Lee""ozzy""Page and Plant"Joe Perry""Aerosmith I""Brian J""Jimi II""Nick Cave"Tad"Jimi""Paul Stanley""Liz Phair""Bill Ward and Toni Iommi""Ronnie J""Rob Halford""Jimmy Page""The OZZ man cometh""James H""The Nuge"study for "Love Gun""Have a Drink on Me"
2006 Drawings
Many of these drawings were included in the 2006 Allston Skirt show titled "Full Length." The drawings were installed in a timeline chronology against one wall, the series of drawings are titled "A Heavy History."